Introducing my new program:

Thriving Teen Girls

As an experienced teacher and a mom to two teenage daughters, I am acutely aware of the many challenges tween and teen girls face as they try to navigate adolescence.

So I have developed a unique 8-week program to help tween and teen girls feel empowered to deal with those challenges. In Thriving Teen Girls they will:

  • reflect on the social norms and influences they are exposed to.
  • identify their personal core values and the values of those around them.
  • learn how to make decisions and set goals that are in line with their values.
  • become more aware of their strengths, consciously build on them, and develop their confidence and sense of self-worth.
  • learn to have compassion for themselves and others.
  • have the opportunity to experience a variety of mindfulness strategies and grounding exercises that can help them manage difficult thoughts and feelings.

Thriving Teen Girls is a program intended to support our pre-teen and teenage daughters in a proactive rather than reactive way, and help them develop the tools they need to navigate the teen years and beyond.

Parent/caregiver coaching support is also available. I work with both neurotypical and neurodiverse children. Book a free consultation to learn more.

What they're Saying

Teenage Challenges

teen girl lying on couch with phone looking sad

Peer pressure and social media influences

There are so many outside influences in their lives, that it can be especially challenging for girls to know what they truly value, who they are or want to be, and how to set goals for themselves in the face of these influences.

The effects of internalizing social norms and expectations

Girls in particular are vulnerable to social norms that when internalized can train them to be people pleasers and perfectionists, which in turn can easily set them up to be anxious.

Teenage girls worry about being indecisive and being judged, and these worries are heightened by the pervasive influence of social media.

In general, girls are taught to follow the rules and not question authority, which means that they may follow others without much thought.

Making decisions

It’s not uncommon to hear teenage girls labelling themselves as “indecisive” and saying they do not know how to make decisions, big or small.

The inability to make thoughtful decisions means that girls may also struggle with setting goals for themselves and instead do what others do.

Goal setting

Students are expected to be able to set goals in school, but setting goals in a school setting is not always the most meaningful or thoughtful.


Teenage girls learn to be very hard on themselves. High-achieving girls, for example, can be perfectionists to a point that if they think they are not doing things “right” or how they “should,” they can end up judging themselves harshly.

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Program topics

Being Yourself


Making Choices

What Are Values?

My Strengths

Our Inner Voice - the advisor in our mind

Our Inner Observer - the noticing self

Our Inner Explorer - how we learn through exploring and discovering

Types of Mindfulness

Slowing Down and Choosing Our Response


Practicing Gratitude - What is Meaningful to Us?

Decisions, Choices, and Challenges

Goal-Setting at School vs. Personal Goal-Setting

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